Matthias Nicola
DB2 pureXML Cookbook

The DB2 pureXML Cookbook

Matthias Nicola, Pav Kumar-Chatterjee

You are a DBA or an application developer, you have been doing your job for years, and know most of what you need. One Friday your manager comes to you and says “Great news, we want to build a new application using XML and we want to store all the XML data in a DB2 database. We want to start next week with the planning and design phase, that’s not a problem for you, is it?” Gulp!!

Fear not - it’s at this point you are glad that it’s late night opening at your local bookstore so you can rush down there and buy a copy of the DB2 pureXML Cookbook. It’s easy to read and covers all the major areas of designing, implementing, and tuning an XML application with DB2 pureXML. The book is filled with more than 700 examples, tips, and tricks based on the authors experience in many XML projects. This is exactly what you need! Come Monday morning you can confidently stride into the office with the book tucked under your arm, knowing that you can handle the new project.


ISBN: 0138150478, Table of contents,  errata

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